Lamination frenzy!

So we had some issues here at the office, and there is now a security guard posted at the door all day  and we are all required to wear ID tags during work. Our HR manager bought a nifty little pouch laminator to laminate the ID badges and I’ve been casually visiting her office all day to laminate things here and there. First I had a seemingly legitimate request to laminate a list of new closing procedures to post near the door for the last person who leaves the office every night. But that just got me started when I realized how fun it is to laminate! I’ve now laminated my social security card, some photos of my dogs, and a post-it note that I had drawn a cool doodle on. The laminator was only $52, so I am considering getting one for home use… 



New shopping sites

So times at the office are tight right now. The “r word” has been sneaking up on our company, and everyone knows now that we need to face it. However, with the merger and all, we are still tight on supplies and equipment. 

GBC Shredmaster CC185My shopping list this month had a large red post-it note on the top that read “Save Money, We Are Serious.” So I will let you all in on a little secret, the big office chains do not save you money. You can find everything and more at better prices from smaller specialty sites. For example, first item on my list was a new shredder for my boss. Now, he has minimal shredding needs, so nothing particularly large was necessary. I decided on the GBC Shredmaster CC185. Why that one? It is cross cut, which I believe is important for private documents. It can shred paperclips, staples, etc., and it is light weight. Perfect for a desk. I found at Staples first for $169. Then I looked a little deeper online and found the same model on iShopShredders for $119. $50 savings! My boss was pleased.  

New Office & New Site

So after I was so enthusiastic about finding the right binding machine for the right price, a new site launches that would have been perfect. I found through a friend and really wish I would have known about it sooner. It has every binding machine on the market, as well as all the supplies you could possibly need. I guess I will just have to go back to order my combs. In other news…The writers’ strike is over, and the office will be coming back for a few more episodes. I am very excited. Who knew that if the writers took a 100 day strike that the world would end? 

From ProClick to CombBind

So my boss wouldn’t let me get the new ProClick machine. We bought a GBC C110 CombBind Machine. It is very manual, but I love it. Everyone has been binding whatever they can get their hands on. So far I have bound, a style guide, a culture manual, and BBB report, and now a proposal. Here are the pros and cons:MachineRunner GBC Combbind c110

Light weight
Easy for small projects
No fast large projects
We will see what happens, but until I need to bind larger presentations fast, this machine will do the trick.   


Sorry I have written for a while. The merging of the offices has added a few extra hours of work for myself and others at the office. Everyone is still on edge, trying to figure out how everyone is going to work together. Culture in an office is so important. We had our own way of doing things, and they had theirs. The problem is how do you keep everyone happy? One of my recent tasks is to rewrite the employee manual. My bosses tell me it is not even permanent. Not sure what I am going to do. I found something yesterday that sounds good. One of my favorite blogs wrote about a binding machine that has spines that you can edit. It is about $1600, so I am wrote a request yesterday for one. We will see what happens. I just so worried about taking it to a printer, and paying a high price for something that will be changed in a month.  I called Office Depot, Kinkos, and Staples and they don’t offer this kind of spine. I think my boss will eventually get what I am trying to say. And hey, having our own binding machine would eventually pay for itself.  Here is where I found my info.

Where is the Office?

The Office, Steve I am getting quite frustrated with NBC Thursday nights. This writers’ strike has gone on long enough. I already know these episodes, and I can recite each episode line by line. When will it come back? However, there is a major distraction this time of year that helps me to deal with my lack of Michael Scott… Christmas. Not only is our office holiday party coming up this saturday (Yes, too close to Christmas) but I am not finished Christmas shopping. Can you say, “Stressed?” If you are like me, you end up shopping for Office Products, 10x more than actually consumer products. That is why this year I am buying most of my family and friends, products like Day Planners, Calendars, Label Makers, and Small Shredders. Is this so wrong? I am just curious if I am the only one who does this.

We’re Upsizing!

So they announced that our “Scranton branch” closed today. All of the employees from there are moving to my location, which will expand into a building next door. It’s been pretty exciting to get all their office stuff. They have a laminating machine that they are bringing from over there, and my goal is to convince them to put it right next to my cubicle. I have dreamed about having a laminator ever since third grade when my teacher laminated everything in the classroom. Something about laminated paper just makes me happy.

The Office, My Office, Your Office…

So this is my first post on my new blog. I will start by explaining who I am. Basically, I am a real live character from The Office. I work in an office, and my days consist of your basic paper pushing activities, much like the show. I am sure that there are many out there who can relate. I realized that I am not the only one who says, “That is sooo how my work is,” so I decided to start this blog where I can relate to others who feel the same way. I plan on not only posting my experiences, but also putting in my 2 cents worth of expertise on a fine tuned office. I am the one responsible for buying supplies and equipment, planning office events, and saving money. I can’t exactly share who it is that I work for, but that shouldn’t matter much.